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SPAM protection using automatic „crypting” of e-mail addresses.

NEW! phpMail2Crypt now works indedepentently of PAX! NEW!

phpMail2Crypt uses a combination of different techniques to make it harder for so-called spambots to harvest e-mail addresses:

There can be no 100% protection against spambots, but with phpMail2Crypt you make their work much harder!

A simple example:

Step 1:Write e-mail address (e.g. "nospam@phpcms.de") in content file:

<!-- MAIL2CRYPT nospam@phpcms.de -->

Step 2:Automatic transformation:

<script type="text/javascript" ><!--//--><![CDATA[//><!--
showmail( "87889289748641898189768692237778")

Step 3:Display in browser:

Variant A: <!-- MAIL2CRYPT nospam@phpcms.de -->

Variant B: <!-- MAIL2CRYPT nospam@phpcms.de,Schreib mir -->

Variant C: <!-- MAIL2CRYPT nospam@phpcms.de,Schreib mir,icon -->

<noscript> nospam@phpcms.de

If "Mail2Crypt" is switched off in the GUI, e-mail addresses will be displayed the normal way in the text.